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Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua

Masaya Volcano is located a little over 10 miles south of Managua in Masaya Volcano National Park.  I visited the volcano with some friends I met in Granada on my way to the airport in Managua. On the way up the mountain, you’ll see a large cross.  Apparently the cross was built to ward off […]


Granada, Nicaragua

I arrived in Granada early in the morning from San Juan del Sur.  It was an unexpected arrival and I had no time to find a place to stay in advance.  I asked to be dropped off by Parque Central because I knew it was surrounded by hotels and, being a more touristy area, would […]


San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur is located on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, about 40 minutes from the border of Costa Rica.  It’s a hippie-surf-mecca adorned with colorful buildings and a sprawling bay.  While the addition of several upscale eco-lodges has put SJDS on the map, the city’s relaxed atmosphere and cool vibe still caters to […]


A Photographer’s Guide to Budapest

By: Kim Norrman, Sweden-based photographer and founder of Kim Norrman Photography. Budapest, Hungary is a gem in Eastern Europe. Although Prague has long been known by Americans as the most worthwhile Eastern European destination, in recent years the prices have skyrocketed as Prague has been overrun by tourists and has lost some of its charm. Budapest, however, […]


Cartagena: Alone on Playa Blanca

Ever wanted the luxury of having an exotic beach all to yourself? Here’s how! The crystal blue Caribbean water of Playa Blanca, Cartagena.   If you know anything about Cartagena, you know that the beaches and water closest to Cartagena, off Bocadrande and Old City, are not the turquoise water pictured above.  To swim in […]


La Boquilla: a Deserted Beach of the Best Kind

La Boquilla is a fishing village on the outskirts of Cartagena, Colombia.  It’s not a top tourist destination.  It’s not beautiful in the conventional sense.  It has deserted beaches, but not the sandy white ones implied by that statement.  The food is fantastic, but you won’t be dining at a Michelin-rated restaurant.  La Boquilla is […]


Old City Cartagena: a Romantic City Frozen in Time

Cartagena is probably best known for its Old City, founded in 1533 in Spanish colonial style and now a famed UNESCO World Heritage site.  Located on the Carribean coast of Colombia, Cartagena has everything you’d imagine the Caribbean to have and more – sunshine and palms, turquoise water, white sand beaches, and seafood served fresh […]

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